Innovative Spaces for How You Work Today

Whether designing a new workplace or redesigning an existing one, our goal is to create the best possible space to spend the day. Functionality, efficiency, and sustainability are key, with comfort and creativity woven through every project.

We understand that good design should support your brand and how you do your work, and our inclusive approach is crafted to build alignment within your organization as it plans for the future.

Our Process

From Concept to Construction

Our design process for workplace clients often begins with a careful analysis of business requirements, practices and goals. This informs our visioning, programming, and concept design work that establishes the framework for the project.

With the technical knowledge and skills of our design team, we advance the project with detailed documentation, effective project management and clear communication, all the way through to the construction phase.

In the end, we aim to create distinctive, smart buildings and interior spaces that capture your style and reflect your brand.  Workplace projects that will remain fresh and functional for years to come.

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Learn more about our Interior Design process

Sustainable Design

High Performance, High Returns


Commercial building owners know that high performance building is good business. Sustainable design improves performance, reduces operational costs, and increases resale value.

Leveraging the collective knowledge of our workplace studio, we take sustainable design seriously. We utilize the latest technologies in computational design to develop buildings that are durable, beautiful, and of lasting value.

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The Post-Covid Office is Here


With the success of the COVID vaccine, many are now returning to the office.  But it isn’t the office as we knew it.

More and more companies are moving toward a more agile workplace, empowering people to work where, when, and how they choose.

In this article, we take a look at two projects – one large and one small – that have reimagined the office for greater flexibility.

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Collaborating and Creating


“One of our biggest rewards is when we can affect, through design, how people use their workspace. We strive to create spaces that support collaboration, focused work, comfort and well-being.”

Matthew Bushey, AIA, LEED AP
  • Matthew Bushey, Managing Principal
  • Richard Deane, Principal
  • Cam Featherstonhaugh, Senior Associate
  • Tom Karlhuber, Senior Associate
  • Paula Sherr, Associate

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TruexCullins May 4, 2022