Community Bank, N.A.

Williston, VT

The new Vermont headquarters for Community Bank is designed to embody the company’s corporate values – to be welcoming, warm, community-focused, and expressive. The building fosters a sense of fellowship between the bank and its community of customers.

The form and articulation of the façade has a very human scale. The brick façade extends past the building, screening the drive-thru teller and guiding pedestrians into the site. A curved storefront curtain wall draws people into the double-height lobby with a sun-washed wall of local stone and natural white oak paneling.

This project has proven that even a commercial building of moderate budget can achieve exceptional building performance. Heating and cooling are served solely by high-efficiency heat pumps, with no on-site combustion of fossil fuels. With a projected Energy Use Intensity of 20.06 and a superior air tightness rating of 0.11 CFM50/sf, this building will see a 77% improvement below the AIA 2030 baseline for this building type.

Photography: Ryan Bent
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209 Battery Street
Burlington, Vermont, 05401 USA
(802) 658-2775

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