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Our life needs play. We need a place of refuge from the daily responsibilities in our lives. TruexCullins designs places that offer refuge, Whether it be in an active urban area, or secluded within the natural world.

We have learned how to make places that offer the best of service while providing seclusion and oneness with our world. These are places of discovery and relaxation: settings for great food and natural treatment.

Our Process

From Image Boards to Opening Night


Our process for hospitality projects begins with a concept and visioning process, when we learn who the clientele is and the kind of experience they’re looking for. We look carefully at where the project is located and how its environment will inform the guest’s experience.

With creative talent and technical expertise, we then address the functional needs of a hotel and delve deeply into the details that successfully enhance the guest experience. The resulting blend is what makes a hotel work and why you want to be there.

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Travel Trends

The Rebirth of the Roadside Motel


Travelers today seek authentic and unique experiences, especially now that travel is returning to pre-pandemic levels. To meet this demand, property owners are reviving the classic roadside motel.

A surge in motel renovations has transformed previously neglected motor-inns into stylish, affordable properties that appeal to the modern adventure traveler. The Mountain Modern Motel is a prime example.

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Rosebrook Lodge Awarded Best Event Space


“Sophisticated with a strong sense of place”

These are the words of the HD Awards judges in naming Rosebrook Lodge the winner of the Event Space category of the 2022 Excellence in Hospitality Design awards.

Rosebrook Lodge is the new four-season guest facility located on the mountain at Omni Bretton Woods ski area.

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Creating Authentic, Memorable Experiences


“I like to think of Hospitality not as a noun, but as a verb. It’s an action of greeting, an action of welcoming.  Hospitality is creating positive memories for guests, and in our work we are creating backdrops for those memories.”

Marc DeSmet
  • Kim Deetjen, Principal
  • Keith Nelson, Principal
  • Marc DeSmet, Associate Principal
  • Paula Sherr, Associate
  • Jeremy Jorgenson, Associate

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