Topnotch Resort

Stowe, Vermont

The integral relationship between the beauty of our natural world and the man-made is the basis for this major expansion of Topnotch Resort. The entry sequence, new bar and restaurant, and the surrounding outdoor spaces are all oriented to reinforce our connection with the natural landscape.

TruexCullins worked with Topnotch Resort over a number of years on multiple projects at the resort, including an expansion of the hotel lobby, two restaurants, and renovations to guestrooms and conference facilities.

New Hotel addition; Renovations to restaurants, conference and guestrooms

Master Planning, Architecture and Interior Design

Phased projects from 2008 – 2013

A Destination Resort Perched Among the Trees


The existing site is a sloped woodland area that serves as a visual buffer from the valley below.

In 2006, TruexCullins developed a long-term master plan establishing a concept of connected buildings gathered intimately around a terrace of lawn and recreational space. From this plateau the guests are fully exposed to the drama of the site’s physical characteristics.



a building form that reaches to the sky

The hotel addition supports the design intent to engage the visitor with the physical features of the surrounding site.

The building palette focuses on natural materials that are sourced from the region. Natural stone forms a base for wood sheathed exterior walls and outdoor enclosures.

An exterior shade system is suspended from the roof edge and doubles as a playful piece of crafted “jewelry” on the glazed, northwest face of the bar café room.

the lobby and concierge

Guests enter from the screened or entry side of the
structure and are drawn to the northwest, where the ceiling rises and provides visual access to the mountain view across the level lawn.

The interior building forms echo the natural landforms of the site, with well-scaled smaller spaces within the larger volume of the lobby and bar.



The Roost

The Roost is at the heart of Topnotch Resort. This is the hotel’s signature restaurant. Contemporary and classic, the space is a comfortable, casual gathering place.

Natural stone and wood finishes found on the building exterior continue into the interior. The center of the space features a custom shuffleboard dining bar, crafted by local furniture makers. Custom bird-themed light fixtures shine down from their perches above, while the ceiling rises and provides visual access to the mountain views across the level lawn.

Additional projects included new conference facilities, prefunction space, and guestroom renovations.

A prior iteration of the Topnotch project developed by TruexCullins included an expansion to the main hotel and new West Wing, with additional guestrooms and suites.

flannel restaurant

Flannel is an informal dining experience for the poolside, spa, and luncheon clientele of the Topnotch Resort.

The space is configured with a V-shaped plan to open the view from the restaurant. The interior west wall of the dining room is comprised of mahogany-framed sliding glass doors and windows that open onto a stone-paved terrace, for an indoor/outdoor dining experience in the warmer months.


The Spa at Topnotch

TruexCullins previously developed a new interior design concept for the Spa at Topnotch. This expansion increased Topnotch Spa to 35,000 square feet accommodating 30 treatment rooms, a full service salon and spa boutique.

The interior design introduced a palette of simple materials such as glass, metal, wood and stone, along with green products such as cocoa mat, bamboo and cork. The resulting space inspires a calm and soothing experience for all spa guests.


April 21, 2022