Social Mission

When TruexCullins was founded in 1968, the firm’s focus was on the design of buildings that serve a public purpose.  Since then, our connection to the communities we serve has only deepened.

Today, the firm is dedicated to being a socially responsible business.  We do this by the projects we design, that they may make a positive contribution to their communities.  And we do this by the actions we take, to promote social justice, equity and diversity − in our own office, in our communities, and around the world.

in our office

Promoting Equity in Design

Our social mission starts at home, with a commitment to equity and opportunity for all our staff.

We are an employee-centered workplace, with family-friendly policies and equal opportunities for all of our employees. We seek to improve diversity and gender equality in our office and in our profession, which for too long has been inaccessible to underserved groups of individuals.

in our community

Working for Positive Change

For the past 50 years, TruexCullins has had a strong presence in our hometown of Burlington, Vermont’s largest city.  Our outreach in our community is based on our belief that we have a responsibility to our neighbors, to advocate for greater diversity and social justice.  This is evident through our financial support and volunteer efforts for organizations such as the United Way and Black Lives Matter.

TruexCullins recently joined 22 other Vermont companies as a Champion Member of VBSR, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility. The work of TruexCullins closely aligns with the values of VBSR, a statewide association with a mission to leverage the power of business for positive social and environmental impact.

beyond our borders

Open Hearts and Helping Hands

Our efforts extend beyond our small state. TruexCullins is proud to be working with mission-driven organizations, advocacy groups, and non-profits to support positive change. Long running relationships with international organizations have included 52 Kids Foundation in Uganda and the Edge of Seven in Nepal.

TruexCullins August 23, 2022