Seventh Generation Headquarters

Burlington, VT

Seventh Generation is an industry leader in the development of biobased home and personal care products. After recommitting to its downtown Burlington location, the company embarked on a major renovation of its global headquarters, transitioning to a 100% Agile workplace that more fully reflects the company’s social, environmental, and strategic aspirations.

The client’s goals for the project were threefold: to expand the size of their on-site R&D Lab; to support projected growth within the company; and to better align the workplace experience with the company’s social mission and brand values that define the identity of Seventh Generation.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Unilever, Seventh Generation saw this project as an opportunity to transition to a 100% Agile workplace, with shared work tables, huddle rooms, and open scrum areas on each floor. Natural plantings integrated into custom furnishings and product display walls contribute to improved air quality, individual privacy, and are a tangible connection with the company’s commitment to plant-based products.

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209 Battery Street
Burlington, Vermont, 05401 USA
(802) 658-2775

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