Four Currier Place

Hanover, NH

Four Currier Place is a three-story mixed use commercial office building that was built as the first phase of the Sargent Block redevelopment masterplan in downtown Hanover, NH.

The 35,000 sq. ft. building is a core and shell development that is designed to flexibly support the fit-out of educational, retail, restaurant and office tenants.

After construction was completed, TruexCullins designed the interior fitup of most of the tenant spaces, two of which are shown below.

New Construction, Core and Shell Office Building
with Tenant Fitups

Architecture and Interior Design

35,000 sq.ft.

Building: 2009
Interiors: 2010; 2014; 2015; 2016

LEED Silver for Core & Shell

A Good Neighbor for Downtown Hanover


Four Currier Place is designed to be an attractive and durable commercial building that will be around for many generations to come. A well-designed building is a good neighbor to the existing buildings around it. Four Currier Place makes a positive contribution to the downtown fabric of Hanover, New Hampshire.

certified LEED Silver

Sustainable design goals were established early in the design process so that cost effective green strategies could be employed.

Four Currier Place achieves a high level of energy efficiency through the use of innovative mechanical systems; a high-performance exterior envelope; automated lighting controls; and aggressive water conservation strategies. Other aspects of the design that contribute to its LEED Silver certification include the use of healthy, non-toxic materials and recycled or locally produced products.

When built, the project was a model for resource efficient, high performance commercial buildings in the region.

Dartmouth Computing Services

TruexCullins worked with Dartmouth Computing Services on this 11,000 square foot tenant space that occupies the 4th floor and a portion of the 1st floor of the building.

This department is responsible for creating and managing a productive and secure information technology environment for the entire Dartmouth community. The project brought together 80 people from 6 distinct departments into one common location.

The Computing Services workspace is designed to foster technology-based group collaboration and strengthen the organization’s collective identity through an open office concept.


A City Plan for a downtown building

The Computing Services workspace is organized around a central Main Street, faced with meeting room storefronts and terminated by a Public Square for informal interactions. Private meeting and gathering spaces in a range of sizes allow for individual focus work and small group meetings free from the distractions of the open office.

Innovation Center & New Venture Incubator

An innovative coworking space is located on the ground floor. Operated by the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network, this space is designed to support young entrepreneurs and startup ventures in the early stages of development.

The coworking typology was applied here because what young entrepreneurs need most to get their ideas off the ground is a supportive network of people with similar interests and relevant experience.

At the Innovation Center, individuals and small teams work side-by-side at shared work tables. The open Hive is complemented by small rooms for occasional meetings with collaborators or potential investors. And in the Creativity Lounge, students can pull up to the bar to recharge and plug in.


October 5, 2022