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Learning for All Ages

Our educational work spans from K-12 schools to colleges and universities both in the United States and overseas.

We focus on creating high-performance learning environments where design is driven by the energy of people engaged in teaching, learning and social interaction. Our goal is to create an environment that captures that spark and reflects it in a way that is at once fitting, innovative, and timeless.

Our Process

The Whole Child Framework


Our approach to school design is based on the Whole Child Framework, a conceptual model developed by TruexCullins that addresses wellness, learning, and engagement. These three elements align to support the needs of the whole child: academic, social, emotional and physical.

We find that the Whole Child approach reminds us of the true goals of school design. This guides our thinking as we work with schools around the world to design creative buildings where young people thrive.


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Digital Crayon by David Epstein, AIA

The Digital Crayon

Improving Your School: Lessons on Design from A to Z


For the past decade, TruexCullins has been sharing insights gained from working with schools in Vermont and around the world. This includes a range of topics, from school security and technology to 21st century learning. We identify design elements that can facilitate a school’s goals for student learning, student wellness, and community engagement.

These insights are collected into what we call the Digital Crayon. This is valuable reading for school directors, superintendents, principals and facility directors.

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Sustainable Design

High Performance for Higher Education


Buildings for institutions of higher education are often tools for learning and inspiration themselves.

As such, the buildings we design for colleges and universities are some of the most advanced examples of sustainable design. This includes projects that are LEED Silver and Gold rated, are powered by renewable energy sources, and minimize the combustion of fossil fuels.

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Learning Together, Leading Together


“What we love about educational projects is the social mission: we are passionate about the importance of education and making better places for students and teachers.”

Cam Featherstonhaugh, CSI, AIA


  • David Epstein, Principal
  • Richard Deane, Principal
  • Cam Featherstonhaugh, Senior Associate
  • Stephen Poston, Associate
  • Jodi Weisser, Interior Designer

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