Downtown Transit Center

Burlington, VT

The Downtown Transit Center provides a safe and convenient hub for the estimated 1 million riders who pass through its doors annually. TruexCullins collaborated with Green Mountain Transit and VHB Engineers to design an efficient and centralized bus terminal that encourages ridership and improves traffic flow.

Promoting Smart Urban Growth and Sustainable Living


The distinctly modern facility features a 350-foot long covered bus platform and an enclosed terminal building with ticket window, public bathrooms, and support space for drivers.

The new transit center advances the city’s goal to improve the Cherry Street corridor, strengthens the connection between the Church Street marketplace and the waterfront, and provides an attractive gateway to the transit system for the City of Burlington and surrounding municipalities.


The design team evaluated 37 sites based on location, adjacencies, and feasibility. Nine sites were selected for further study, and multiple design options were developed for each location.

The chosen site was selected due to its proximity to Church Street Marketplace and the relatively minor impact on existing urban infrastructure. It is ideally located to support downtown living and promote an active and livable community.

celebrating public transit

People of all ages are increasingly looking to live downtown, where a more car-free lifestyle is possible. Urban projects that allow people to live, work, and play without reliance on a car decreases our carbon footprint and leads to more active and livable communities.

The Transit Center is a critical component in a transportation master plan that supports these sustainability goals.

improved amenities for drivers and riders

The facility boasts an indoor ticket window, a covered platform with seating, public bathrooms, and digital LED signage.

Bus drivers also enjoy expanded support space on the lower level, including a break room and private restrooms.

Interior lobby and ticketing booth.
September 13, 2022