Samoset Resort

Rockport, ME

The Samoset Resort is a coastal property with a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere, boasting spectacular views of Penobscot Bay. With a new lobby, restaurant, and full-service spa, the renovated property boasts an improved connection to the ocean and a refreshed spirit of vibrant activity.

TruexCullins also worked with the Samoset Resort on the renovations of 178 guestrooms and suites, refreshing the finishes and furnishings with a nautical charm and elegance.

Renovation, Dining and Spa; Lobby and Guestrooms

Architectural and Interior Design


A Destination with the Spirit of the Sea


The Samoset lobby was opened to the restaurant below, with the spirit of the sea permeating the interior spaces.

Natural timber beams and a stone hearth offer a tactile reminder of Maine’s connection to the logging and shipping industries. Wrought iron contrasts the natural wood finishes for a modern take on an old ship’s interior.

La Bella Vita

The new culinary experience, La Bella Vita, is approachable, intimate and engaging, referencing Trattorias surrounding the Piazzas of Italy.

The interior design complements the artful manner in which the food is prepared and served at the Antipasto Bar and Marketplace. The rustic finishes and textural materials consist of genuine elements most commonly found in domestic Italian kitchens, such as marble, wood, copper and iron.

opal Spa at Samoset Resort

A full-service spa provides a tranquil escape and celebrates the serenity of the surrounding coastal landscape.

The Opal Spa at Samoset Resort includes four treatment rooms, a private lounge, and a retail and reception space.

October 2, 2022