Jackson Hole’s Newest Boutique Hotel Opens on Historic Town Square

The Cloudveil Dome is a mountain in Grand Teton National Park, a craggy peak rising over 12,000 feet with several challenging rock-climbing routes. It is just east of South Teton and close to other popular climbing sites, so it is often overlooked.  But for those in the know, the Cloudveil Dome is a worthy climb that offers a very personal mountain experience.

The Cloudveil is also the name of the newest boutique hotel in the town of Jackson, and the only hotel located directly on the historic Town Square.  We were thrilled to participate in the Grand Opening recently as this one-of-a-kind Jackson hotel opened its doors for the first time.


As anyone who has visited this area knows, the majestic setting leaves an indelible mark. Jackson Hole is a source of renewal and self-discovery. As the veil of clouds lifts above the valley, an inspiring journey is revealed.

Working alongside the architecture firms CLB and IBI Group, TruexCullins designed this 100-room luxury hotel to reflect this enduring character of Jackson Hole. The project was driven by the theme “Let Jackson Hole Change You”, a nod to the transformational nature of the valley and the surrounding peaks. Located at the heart of the National Parks system, the Cloudveil is a gateway to boundless adventures.


The interiors of the Cloudveil are a modern take on western history, inspired by Jackson’s extraordinary landscape, its abundant wildlife, and unique people.

You may notice the large stand of aspen trees in the lobby, reaching to the ceiling, through which light sparkles like the morning sunlight would on a forested path.

The check-in desk is shaped from a ten-foot stone boulder, and the desk blotter is made of hand-stitched skirting leather draped over the stone like a saddle.

Reclaimed wood covers the ceiling, floor, and casework throughout the lobby, and salvaged beams from a Wyoming barn are used in the furnishings. All interior handrails are leather-wrapped and hand stitched, and harness leather wall panels adorn the elevators.

But perhaps the most striking feature in the lobby is the custom staircase. The mountaineering experience is expressed in the design of the stair, which appears to be suspended from above with steel cable. The stairs rise against a wall of large stone slabs three stories high, cut to allude to the surrounding Tetons. And lighting effects emulate sunlight glistening over the rock face.


The spirit of Jackson continues into the guestrooms, with natural materials, custom furnishings, and local artwork.

The guestrooms are clean and contemporary, but with a real Jackson flavor. The Cloudveil feels right at home in this western town.  A closer look reveals why, with plenty of locally crafted details.

The fireplace mantles, for example, are made from salvaged timbers from an 1880s dairy barn in Laramie.  The original white oak beams were sawn with a steam powered sawmill, most likely from local trees felled to provide pasture and grazing land for the growing town.  Peg holes are visible in some of the boards, remnants from the original wooden pegs used to hold the beams in place.

Now more than ever, people are seeking true adventure in their travels.  They seek authentic experiences and wish to discover new places and cultures.  The design team for the Cloudveil understood that the elemental tension between the people and the place is what makes the Jackson setting singular. The Tetons have long been a source of renewal and self-discovery. This theme was carried through to every corner of the hotel.  And it is why the Cloudveil, fronting on the historic Town Square, is already seeing a burst of interest – and sold-out rooms – just a few weeks in since they opened.