East Montpelier Elementary School

The Whole Child Framework – Part II: Wellness


A Framework for Understanding the Goals of School Design Introduction: This article is part two of a four part series exploring the Whole Child framework. Subsequent articles will discuss Learning, and Engagement in further detail Overview Creating schools that are safe, healthy and accessible, and that promote these qualities provide an ideal setting for student […]

Design for the Whole Child – Part I: Overview


A Framework for Understanding the Goals of School Design This article is part one of a four-part series exploring the Whole Child Framework, a conceptual framework for school design developed by TruexCullins. Subsequent articles will discuss each element (Wellness, Learning, and Engagement) in further detail. Over the years we have had many great discussions with […]

School Design

Digital Crayon: Flexible Building Technology


In the last article, we discussed issues related to building organization. In this article, we discuss what building technologies to consider when attempting to create flexible learning environments. The key concept here is that successful multipurpose space requires more than open space, it requires multipurpose support infrastructure including lighting, electrical power, acoustics and HVAC. Here […]