School Facility in Moscow

Moscow Economic School Construction Underway


Construction is underway of a new middle and high school building designed by TruexCullins on the Zaitsevo Campus of the Moscow Economic School (MES) in Moscow, Russia. Located in the western region of Moscow, the 12,700 SQM (136,000 SF) campus facility includes space for classrooms, administration offices, a 500-seat theater, library, gymnasium and natatorium. A […]

Education Facility Designer | David Epstein

Digital Crayon: Article 12- School Design for the Whole Child


For a few years now, we have been giving a presentation entitled “Design for the Whole Child”, which describes our view of the goal of school design. The thesis is this: the mission of schools has expanded to address the needs of the whole child: academic, social, emotional and physical. When we design schools, we […]

Digital Crayon: Article 11 – Aligning Existing School Facilities with 21st Century Learning


posted by David Epstein, AIA, LEED AP In the last article, we discussed how greening an existing school is often more difficult than building a new school. The same could be said for integrating 21st century learning concepts into an existing facility.  Despite the challenges, I would say this is a goal of every school […]

Digital Crayon: Article 5 – 21st Century Learning


Another key driver behind school change is the need to align facilities with the way schools now teach  (or at least want to). The full spectrum of changes in education these days is generally termed “21st Century Learning”. This term refers to ideas like student-centered learning, project-based inquiry, interdisciplinary themes, etc.  The goal is to […]