Bill Truex

William “Bill” Truex, Jr., FAIA

Principal - EMERITUS



Master of Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Bachelor of Arts, Dartmouth College


Church Street Marketplace
Fern Hill Housing for the Elderly
American Red Cross Blood Center
U.S. Coast Guard Station
North Beach Bath House
Mount Independence Visitor’s Center
Richmond VA Metropolitan Blood Center
Hoehl Welcome Center
Fitzhenry Residence
Truex Residence



William “Bill” Truex, Jr., FAIA

Principal - EMERITUS

I have built my professional life around the premise that we have the ability to direct and create a superbly humane environment at all levels- from our homes to our villages, towns and cities. I have been energized by the knowledge that we can direct and shape the built environment for the betterment of mankind and bring it into harmony with the natural environment.

Planning and urban design, with a focus on creating humane spaces, has been a passion for me throughout my career. My best architectural creations have been those which have a strong contextual base, appropriately reflecting their purpose and reinforcing their surroundings in style, shape, scale and materials. These projects range from private single family residences to large public endeavors such as the Church Street Marketplace here in Burlington, Vermont.

When I think about architecture, I imagine looking at each building as if it were a piece of a puzzle. A structure does not exist in a vacuum; it is not the whole event. It’s how we organize the pieces that give the full picture.

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