Construction Update: Saint Michael’s College Residence Hall

If you’ve driven along Route 15 lately, you’ve seen the newest building at St. Michael’s College rising up.  A 188-bed residence hall is being constructed adjacent to the brick dormitories known locally as the “three brothers”.

St Michaels College

The new 3-story residence hall contains 49 units, most of which are 4-bedroom suites with private kitchens and living rooms.  The project will allow more students to live on campus who are currently located in a variety of housing types around town.

The project reflects the school’s commitment to sustainability, with geo-thermal heating and cooling, energy efficient lighting, and an air-tight building envelope.  It is the first higher-ed building in Vermont to qualify for Green Bonds.

Construction on the $16 million project started last October and has been proceeding at a steady pace all winter.

Here are a few photos from the project site.  To expedite construction, the exterior envelope consists of prefabricated panels that were manufactured in upstate New York and installed over the winter months.  Over the past few weeks, spray foam insulation has been applied, and windows, roofing, and brick and stone cladding is being installed.

Saint Michael’s College

Saint Michael’s College

The project is on track for completion later this year, with students occupying the building in time for the fall semester.