The Newest Restaurant in Bangor Maine Honors the Story of the Lumber Industry

When we talk about the power of place, one of the best examples we can point to is now the newest restaurant in Bangor, Maine.

Timber Kitchen and Bar translates the story of this lumber town into a dining hot spot. This 150-seat restaurant is located on the first floor of a new 5-story hotel in downtown Bangor. The project includes indoor and outdoor patio seating, a handcrafted bar and lounge area with a large communal table, a chefs table overlooking a wood burning oven and private rooms for parties and small gatherings.

Bangor was known as the lumber capital of the world for much of the 19th century. Hundreds of lumber mills dotted the landscape along the Penobscot River, and a continuous stream of logs flowed from the northern forests destined for ships sailing around the world. Bangor also claims to be the birthplace of mythical lumberjack Paul Bunyan, and a 31 foot tall statue of the famous woodsman stands just steps from Timber’s front door.

The design of Timber Kitchen and Bar honors this rich history and celebrates Bangor’s role in the lumber industry. Multiple wood species are incorporated with softer materials, textures, and greenery. The space is inviting and energizing, and is shaping up to be an active social spot in Bangor. (The restaurant is located across the street from the convention center and arena, where Motley Crue and Alice Cooper appeared a week after Timber opened.)

These renderings prepared by our office show the early concepts that brought the story of Timber to life:



The restaurant opened on Columbus Day to rave reviews, and our team was there for the final furnishings installation and last-minute preparations:



And here are some photos of the finished space:


Timber-2_650 Timber-3_500

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