Interior Design Testimonials

“Spur is absolutely fabulous! You did an incredible job. The design is a huge hit with locals and guests alike. Awesome work, it all came together beautifully.”

Bruce Grosbety, Vice President of Operations, MetWest Terra Hospitality


“Kim, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your designs.  Last night’s opening party was an enormous success!“

Charles DesLauriers, President, DesLauriers & Company


“Great job with SALT!   Excellent design, service and product delivery.”

“Wentworth already has 27 reviews of SALT on TripAdvisor and are the #1 ranked restaurant in NewCastle (right in front of Wentworth Dining Room #2 and Lattitude’s #3).  Almost all the reviews are great, and lots of kudos on the design.  Many of the Dining Room reviews appear to be SALT reviews as well, certainly since June. Tip Advisor

Bill Robinson, Owner, Robinson Asset Management Group


“Kim, The reviews are in and the restaurant is a huge success. My friends say they love it, and the numbers are off the chart. Another great job by you and your team. I am so proud of you.”

Ralph DesLauriers, Owner, DesLauriers & Company




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