Timber Kitchen and Bar

Bangor, ME

Timber translates the story of Bangor’s past into a modern-day dining destination. Bangor was known as the lumber capital of the world for much of the 19th century. Hundreds of lumber mills dotted the landscape along the Penobscot River and a continuous stream of logs flowed from the northern forests destined for ships sailing around the world. The design of this new 150-seat restaurant honors this rich history and celebrates Bangor’s role in the lumber industry.

Multiple wood species are incorporated as wallcoverings and furnishings, complemented by softer textiles, handcrafted millwork, and a woodstove. Classic red flannel upholstery adds a touch of classic New England to the contemporary space.

The project includes a custom bar and lounge area with a large communal table, a chef’s table overlooking a wood burning oven, and private rooms for small gatherings.

Photography: Greg Premru
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209 Battery Street
Burlington, Vermont, 05401 USA
(802) 658-2775

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