Dartmouth Computing Services

Dartmouth College

Dartmouth Computing Services is responsible for creating and managing a productive and secure information technology environment for the entire Dartmouth community. This interior fitup project brought together 80 people from 6 distinct departments into one common location.

The project occupies 11,000 square feet of space in 4 Currier Place, a LEED-Silver certified high performance commercial building completed by TruexCullins in 2009.

The Computing Services workspace is designed to foster technology-based group collaboration and strengthen the organization’s collective identity through an open office concept. The space is organized around a central Main Street, faced with meeting room “storefronts” and terminated by a “Public Square” for informal interactions. Private meeting and gathering spaces in a range of sizes allow for individual focus work and small group meetings free from the distractions of the open office.

Technology is integrated into the workplace with wired and wireless access to interactive digital tools, along with built-in whiteboards to facilitate the free exchange of ideas and creative brainstorming.

Photographer: Katrina Mojzesz - Top Kat Studio
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