Tom Cullins, AIA

Principal - EMERITUS



Master of Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Bachelor of Architecture, Syracuse University


Petroline Corporate Headquarters, Saudi Arabia

Palace for HRH Prince Saudi bin Abdul Moshen, Saudi Arabia

Asir Governoate Complex, Saudi Arabia

Lake Placid Lodge

Miller Information Commons Library, Champlain College

Gucciardi Fitness & Recreation Center, UVM

Main Street Suites & Conference Center

IDX Student Center

U.S. Border Station

Saint Paul’s Cathedral (Bill Henderson)

Tom Cullins, AIA

Principal - EMERITUS

For over forty years, my career in architecture has focused on creating physical environments that earnestly try to capture the spirit of a client’s program, are in harmony with the site, and go beyond the ordinary by creating designs that have a special character.

A sincere love of working with people–from clients, to our in-house architectural teams, to our consultants, allows me the joy of leading the creative process. The social, cultural and physical impact of planning and designing buildings in our cities, towns and landscapes demands our very best as designers–thoughtfulness, creativity, tenacity and leadership.

I wholeheartedly love the remarkable endeavor of design — the intensity and fun of working with clients, and ultimately, the lasting impact of this wonderful effort. My enthusiasm only continues to grow for my profession’s work of creating truly special places.

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