Working together

TruexCullins’s leadership values and encourages the generous-hopeful spirit of its people. They nurture community engagement by leading through example and volunteering themselves, hosting the United Way Campaign each year, by providing staff paid time off to volunteer and organizing a group-volunteer project with an area nonprofit.

quote-sarah_2TruexCullins hosts  office parties each year which often have a fundraising element to them for a worthy cause. The principals at TruexCullins select the beneficiaries for the events. It is usually an organization one of them has a relationship with already.  In 2012, TruexCullins raised $5,000 for King Street Center. In 2013, over $20,000 for Edge of Seven to build a school in rural Nepal. TruexCullins also donated architectural services for the design of the educational building.


At the close of each year the principals of TruexCullins select three or four nonprofits they plan to provide sponsorship funding for in the upcoming year. TruexCullins decided in 2013 to focus its support on the arts. The organizations which received financial support this year were selected for their reputation to provide creative-engaging arts opportunities for the community. These organizations have been energizing and inspiring resources for people of all ages. Some of the recipients of TruexCullins funds include The Flynn Center for the Performing Arts and Burlington City Arts.

If you have questions or would like to request sponsorship for your arts organization, please email Carmen George, Marketing Director, at info@truexcullins.com



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