Since 1968, TruexCullins has played a vital role in creating buildings that contribute lasting value to their inhabitants and communities. Our record and reputation testify to our excellence in designing structures — of all functions, sizes, and scale — that integrate harmoniously with their natural and built surroundings. We strive to create beautiful design solutions that are safe, flexible, comfortable, efficient and durable.

Sustainable design is integral in all that we do at TruexCullins. As such, we work closely with our clients to significantly reduce energy consumption within new buildings, additions and renovated structures. Our approach is holistic. Energy consumption cannot be separated from sound building practice and the quality of the built indoor environment. We, therefore, advocate an approach to energy conservation that considers broad environmental design issues.

While we strive to create beautiful works of architecture, we also focus on “less flashy” construction and design issues such as a sound building envelope, effective ventilation and heat recovery strategies, durable building materials, the use of renewable fuels (wind, hydro, biomass), water conservation, proper site placement and building orientation and the effective use of existing space within the renovated buildings.


At TruexCullins we offer the combined expertise of a team of highly skilled architects, designers, interior designers and support staff who are well equipped to identify and successfully manage the many challenges inherent in any project, whether local, national or international.

Providing outstanding client service is the foundation of our business philosophy. We are committed to being responsive, available and communicative. Our ability to listen, as well as our collaborative approach, allows us to respond to our clients needs with flexibility, imagination and distinctive design.

With this in mind, we assemble the best-suited team of in-house professionals and associates in related fields, fostering a creative interaction of skills and providing you with a customized solution. Our project management approach involves full coordination of all aspects of a project – engineering, consultation and construction activities – ensuring that specifications are met, within each project budget and schedule. And as always, we focus on using the most current technology to minimize environmental impact and to maximize comfort and efficiency.


As an architecture and interior design firm, TruexCullins provides leadership, expertise and creativity in five market sectors: Workplace, Education, Resort, Home and Interiors.

Our workplace projects range from creative office environments to cultural institutions. Our educational work spans from K-12 schools to colleges and universities both in the United States and overseas. In our hospitality studio, we create places that offer the best of service while providing seclusion and rest within our natural world.

Our home designs range from multi-generational residences to positive energy neighborhoods within Vermont communities.  We combine an understanding of art, craft and technology, and bring those skills to making beautiful homes that feel right in their setting.

At TruexCullins Interiors, we are focused on creating interior spaces that contribute a quality of lasting value, comfort and beauty. Our position within the larger architectural design group at TruexCullins enables us to provide integrated architectural and interior design services, and we strive to create beautiful design solutions that are flexible, comfortable, efficient and durable.


Sustainable design is at the core of our practice at TruexCullins. From the design of the Church Street Marketplace in the 1970s to the net-zero and LEED-certified buildings of today, we engage our clients and demonstrate the benefits of green design. In doing so, we deliver beautiful, high performance buildings and interiors that illustrate how sustainability enhances their lives and our environment.

Home designed on mountainside in VermontOur design process is focused on the successful fusion of the technical needs of a building with the art of shaping space and material. This combination of art and science is the essence of making enduring spaces that are truly sustainable. Our approach is based on elemental design qualities that strengthen the relationship between the built and the natural environment: resource efficiency; health; durability; flexibility; and beauty.

While our work is founded on the basic design qualities that have guided us for generations, we also readily acknowledge the unique challenges being presented to us today. We are on the cusp of an environmental revolution. As we continue into the 21st century, we will see our buildings become increasingly powered by renewable energy sources that are present on and within the earth, while providing the healthy interior environments wherein people thrive.

We strive to design buildings and spaces that are admired and loved, that fulfill their function effortlessly, and age gracefully. Such buildings are in harmony with their environment and their users. This is beauty that endures.

At TruexCullins, our focus is the making of beautiful buildings and interiors that fit their place, purpose and the planet upon which we live.



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