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Back to Work in 2021: The Post-COVID Office Will be More Agile Than Ever

More companies are creating an Agile Workplace to support their teams as they return to the office.

TruexCullins Releases Sustainability Action Plan

On this, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we are pledging to pursue a carbon-neutral future by signing on to the AIA 2030 Commitment. Our Sustainability Action Plan...

How Hospitality Design Trends are Influencing Today’s Workplace

Your next office may seem more like a boutique hotel than a place of business. Here are 3 ways the modern workplace is being driven by the latest trends...

Downtown Burlington Transit Center: How Smart Growth Can Help Our Warming Planet

This hot summer has inspired us to repost this article from last year that explains how downtown transit and district heating will help Burlington reach its climate action goals.

Driving Toward a Green Energy Future

The Downtown Transit Center is the next step on the path to a Net Zero Energy city.

Join Us Thurs Oct 13 to Celebrate the Opening of the Downtown Transit Center

TruexCullins is pleased to host an evening reception and special exhibit chronicling the design history of this major civic project.

Entrepreneurial Startups are on the Rise

New business growth hit a 6-year high in 2016, and the DEN New Venture Incubator is one example that helped make that happen.

It’s Good to Share: the Rise of the Non-Territorial Workplace

In the non-territorial office, every space is shared. We applied this concept to the new workspace for a business advisory firm in NH, and the results are now in.

Innovation at Work: The Personality Project, Part 3

You’ve read about our study of personality traits and workplace design, and the factors we included in our investigation. Now, we share the results. Part 3: The Results Are...

Innovation at Work: The Personality Project, Part 2

Last week, we introduced our study of personality types and workplace design. In today’s post, we look at the personality traits we considered relevant and show how they measured...

Building on Human Nature

The Truexcullins Blog is a platform for insights and opinions from the design leaders of Truexcullins. Join us as we explore topics related to design innovation, environmental sustainability, and building on human nature.

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