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Williston Central School Welcomes Students Back with a $20m Building Renovation

School is back in session and students are heading back to the classroom. For students in Williston, they’re stepping into what feels like a brand new school.

Making a Makerspace

Schools today are turning to makerspaces to provide hands-on experiences that encourage students to design, invent, and build their own creations.

Get Your Copy of Digital Crayon, Now in Print

The Digital Crayon Essays on School Design have been published as a softcover book, and we are giving away a free copy to the first 10 people who reach...

A Close Look at Vinyl: a Ubiquitous Material with a Questionable Future

Vinyl products are durable and low cost. But new research suggests the long term environmental and health effects may not be worth the risk.
NY School Design

Improving Your School – Part V: Decluttering Your Classroom

The typical early childhood classroom is thoroughly decorated, but does all of this visual noise provide inspiration or just distraction? One study showed some interesting results.

Improving Your School – Part IV: Furniture

Incorporating flexible and reconfigurable furniture is a great way to improve the classroom and promote student-centered learning. In this post, we share some new approaches to classroom furniture...

Improving Your School – Part III: The Importance of Lighting

Access to natural light affects our ability to remain alert - and to learn, which is why lighting upgrades are often central to school improvements. Here are four...

Improving Your School – Part II: Maximizing Ventilation

Providing fresh-air ventilation is key to creating a healthy, productive classroom environment. In this entry of the Digital Crayon, David Epstein explains how to incorporate and maintain a...

Improving Your School – Part I: Minimizing Indoor Pollutants

In this first post of a 5-part series, David Epstein explains how you can make improvements to classroom indoor air quality to improve student health and productivity.

The Whole Child Framework – Part IV: Engagement

In this article, we discuss how schools can be designed to foster engagement in the world – in their school community, local community and regional and world contexts.

Building on Human Nature

The Truexcullins Blog is a platform for insights and opinions from the design leaders of Truexcullins. Join us as we explore topics related to design innovation, environmental sustainability, and building on human nature.

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