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Light through wall of ice shanty

Reimagining the Ice Shanty with plywood, polycarbonate, and red fishing line

A dedicated team from TruexCullins recently participated in The Ice Shanty Project, creating a unique fishing shanty for the Shelburne Museum exhibit "32 Degrees, the Art of Winter"
Vermont Studio School

Making Good Homes …. for Birds

For the past seven days, I’ve been at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont. I’m here with 60 other Vermont artists and writers, all reflecting on a week...

Making Good Homes: A Scalable Solution

In the TruexCullins Home Studio, we are developing design solutions based on the concepts that we’ve been sharing with you over the past few weeks. As we explained in...

Travel Notes from Albania

by Rolf Kielman We just received this message from Rolf, who is travelling through Eastern Europe along the Adriatic Sea. As always, we love reading about the adventures of...

Making Good Homes: Beauty in Order

In a February blog post, Lee Grutchfield and I discussed the challenges involved in making good and affordable places to live. We’ve made some progress on this front, and...

Making Good Homes: Conditions and Challenges

At TruexCullins we’ve spent decades contemplating the necessary requirements for good places to live. Twenty years ago we designed a series of modestly sized, affordable and energy efficient homes...

Passive House design comes to Vermont

The Passive House: it sounds like some kind of strategic mind game for buildings. In actuality, this is a very positive development for designing better buildings. In the quest...

Building on Human Nature

The Truexcullins Blog is a platform for insights and opinions from the design leaders of Truexcullins. Join us as we explore topics related to design innovation, environmental sustainability, and building on human nature.

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