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TruexCullins Joins VBSR as Newest Champion Member

TruexCullins team Fall 2021 (photo by Oliver Parini)

We are proud to announce that TruexCullins has been named the newest Champion Member of VBSR, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility. TruexCullins joins a roster of 22 other Vermont companies that represent that state’s leaders in social responsibility, community engagement, and sustainability.

VBSR is a statewide, nonprofit business association with a mission to leverage the power of business for positive social and environmental impact. The organization promotes the belief that businesses have as much responsibility to workers, communities, and the environment as they do to be financially successful. The work of TruexCullins aligns closely with these values, both in its completed projects and its operational practices.

“For 54 years, TruexCullins has provided sustainable design solutions, supported community organizations, and fostered an employee-centered workplace. We believe strongly in the power of socially responsible businesses to make our society more just and minimize our environmental footprint,” says David Epstein, Managing Principal of TruexCullins.  “We are honored to support the important work of VBSR as a Champion Member, which will help amplify our shared vision of a better world.”

Sustainable design is at the core of the architectural practice at TruexCullins. The firm works closely with clients to demonstrate the benefits of sustainable design, delivering resilient and high-performing buildings. TruexCullins is a signatory of the AIA 2030 Commitment, a program of the American Institute of Architects that aims for net-zero carbon buildings by the year 2030. The firm’s Sustainability Action Plan, issued on Earth Day 2020, outlines the steps the firm is implementing to meet this goal.

TruexCullins works with mission driven organizations, advocacy groups, and non-profits to support positive change. Long running relationships with international organizations have included 52 Kids Foundation in Uganda and the Edge of Seven in Nepal. Locally, the firm has supported community organizations such as King Street Center and United Way of Northwest Vermont.

The workplace culture at TruexCullins is employee-centered, where individuals have access to resources and opportunities to develop their careers and pursue enriching lives. Firm leadership is focused on valuing their staff and enabling their success. Currently, TruexCullins architects hold Board positions on state and national organizations including VBSR, AIA Vermont, and CSI.

TruexCullins is proud to join VBSR’s cohort of 22 Champion Members in advocating for business as a catalyst for good.  VBSR Champion Members include AllEarth Renewables, Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, CeresMED, Chroma Technology, Dinse, Gardener’s Supply Company, Green Mountain Power, King Arthur Baking Company, Lawson’s Finest Liquids, National Life Group, Northfield Savings Bank, Paul Frank + Collins, Seventh Generation, SunCommon, The Alchemist, Union Mutual, VEIC, Vermont Creamery, Vermont Family Farms, Villanti & Sons, Printers, and VSECU.



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