Construction Continues on UVM Multi-Purpose Events Center

by Tom Karlhuber, September 8, 2020

As we described in our blog post on March 4, the University of Vermont is in the midst of transforming the Gutterson Fieldhouse and Patrick Gymnasium into a state-of-the-art multi-purpose events center. Through a series of renovations and strategic building additions, the 50-year old Patrick-Forbush-Gutterson athletic complex will become a truly modern facility better able to serve the campus of today.

But as we all know by now, the campus of today is not like anything we expected to see 6 months ago.  Now, with students returning to campus, many are wondering about the state of the project and how it has been affected by COVID-19.  We are happy to say that real progress has been made this summer, with necessary work to the existing structures that paves the way for the new Tarrant Center construction.

On March 16, all construction projects in the state of Vermont were put on temporary hold as the COVID crisis emerged.  Acting quickly, the University, General Contractor, and Design Team evaluated the impact of the pandemic and planned a path forward for this important project: revisiting short term and long term goals, reviewing project budget, and establishing a realistic construction schedule.

With questions surrounding what the fall semester was going to look like at UVM, the decision was made to focus work on the existing buildings this summer, to prepare for the construction of the new Tarrant Center.

Significant work is underway in Gutterson Field House. The stabilization of the structural steel frame is complete! Engineering Ventures’ belt truss and chevron arch reinforcement are artfully woven through the existing steel arches. Gutterson is strong, and ready for the addition of the Shared Spine.

Upon entering The Gutt, players and fans will notice the new Media Loft afloat over the south bleachers. This impressive steel structure hangs from the arches and provides coaches, media, and video staff an unprecedented overview of the ice and games. In addition to superior video footage, fans will soon be treated to a new suspended scoreboard and video display at center ice. The steel support is now in place and ready for this new AV equipment. These improvements will be experienced by the live fan as well as those watching from their living rooms.

Critical work in Forbush has resumed as well, with new second-level infill at the racquetball courts to accommodate new areas for Academic Success and Sports Medicine. The new Electrical Room addition in the Gutterson alley has also proceeded. This piece provides infrastructure critical to the new arena and ties into the routing of services accompanying this effort. The backbone of the facility will be ready for the new arena construction!

While these items are finished up on site, redesign of the Recreation and Wellness Center is underway, and plans continue for the resumption of the Tarrant Center construction. Stay tuned for updates on these efforts, and final images of the Media Loft and scoreboard installations.


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