Burlington City Arts Studios in Early Stages of Net-Zero Design

by TruexCullins, February 12, 2020

We are excited to share the latest project we are pursuing with Burlington City Arts.  TruexCullins is in the early stages of design for the next phase of development at the BCA Studios on Pine Street in Burlington.  This existing pre-engineered building is slated to become a net-zero, environmental model for retrofitting old warehouse space, creating an exciting new space for the art community in Burlington.

In 2017, the BCA studios – previously spread throughout various locations in Burlington – came together into their new home on Pine Street. From this location in the heart of the South End Arts District, the BCA Studios serves adults, kids, and students with studio space, art classes and camps for drawing, painting, photography, clay, printmaking, and jewelry.

We are now developing designs for the next chapter in the evolution of the BCA Studios on Pine Street, with building improvements that will create a greater presence for the organization in the heart of the South End Arts District.  Upgrades include a backlit translucent facade and a sculpture garden for showcasing work by local artists.

Stay tuned for more updates as the design progresses!

Renderings: Lincoln Brown and Josh Chafe, AIA, LEEP AP.

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