TruexCullins on the Rise: 2018 Brings Growth and Change to the Firm

by TruexCullins, July 16, 2018

Our office has had a strong period of sustained activity and growth over the past six months, and we are happy to share the news that we have added new people to our team and have elevated many of our current staff to new leadership positions.

Architecture and Interior Design is a collaborative process. It takes many talented hands and a wide array of creative minds to make a project its best. Not content to stand still, we are always pushing ourselves to expand our practice, to keep up with changes in the marketplace, to continually meet the evolving needs of our clients, and to provide professional development opportunities for all our staff.

It is in this context that we are thrilled to lift up the promotions and new hires that have shaped the face of our firm over the past few months:

At the top of this list is Marc DeSmet, who has been named Senior Associate. Marc is a leader in our hospitality design studio and is the creative force behind many restaurant, bar, and hotel projects. Marc is also the recipient of multiple Hospitality Design Gold Key Awards, both with TruexCullins and through previous firms, which speaks to his creative talent and ability to see a project through to a successful completion.

Ben Allred, Cam Featherstonhaugh, and Tom Karlhuber have all been named Associates in the firm, which is a reflection of their talent, contributions, and growing role with TruexCullins. Ben, Cam and Tom are all adept at managing projects smoothly and maintaining positive and productive client relationships, and we are excited to elevate them to new positions.

Lynda Pibus has been named Assistant Finance Director, in recognition of the critical role she plays in keeping the firm focused and solvent. Lynda supports our work with precision, thoughtfulness, and respect.

You can read more about these staff promotions here.

We have also welcomed a number of new designers to our team over the past few months:

Zachary Ray is an Architectural Designer with 14 years of experience, including 6 years in New York City designing high-end custom residential homes. Zac is a native of West Virginia and holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Virginia Tech.

Jeremy Jorgenson is an Architectural Designer with advanced skills in 3D modeling, data management, and digital workflow design. Jeremy is currently pursuing an MBA through Norwich University with a focus in Project Management and Building Information Management.

Mariah Robin is an Interior Designer who recently moved to Vermont from southern New England, where she worked on design, documentation and specifications for hospitality and restaurant projects.

Petrea Sweeny is an Architectural Designer who recently graduated from Cornell University with a Master of Architecture degree.  Petrea has had internships with two architecture firms in New York, and is starting her full-time architectural career with TruexCullins.

You can read more about these newest members of our firm here.

We have been celebrating the past quite a bit recently, for our 50th anniversary, but with these new people and promotions, it’s clear our future is also looking very bright! Congratulations to all!

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