by TruexCullins, June 3, 2015

The people in Nepal are in our thoughts.


On April 25th, Nepal was hit by two severe earthquakes that have devastated the region near the Katmandu Valley. The death toll is over 8,550 and 14,500 people injured. There were more than 190,000 homes destroyed or severely damaged.

In 2013, TruexCullins’ President Sparky Millikin, with the help of many of our generous clients, raised $20,000 at his retirement party for Edge of Seven to build the Mankhu Village project. Many thanks for all of you who donated. Also TruexCullins (TXC) provide pro-Bono design services for this project.  TXC used the earthbags for materials an affordable and earthquake resistant building method. Three TruexCullins’ staff, Sparky, Diantha Korzun and Andrew Chardain, joined Edge of Seven in 2013 to volunteer in Nepal to construct other earthbag buildings. We are happy to report that all the earthbag buildings survived the earthquakes.

If you are interested in donating or volunteering in Nepal, two reputable nonprofits in the region are: The Small World and Edge of Seven






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