A Year of Innovation at Work: our Top 5 Stories of 2013 on Workplace Design

by Matt Bushey, December 30, 2013


2013 was a big year for workplace design, nationally and here in Burlington.  It was a year that got everyone talking, with a national debate on workplace issues ranging from the role of telecommuting to the merits of the open plan.  Meanwhile, Mad Men’s Don Draper became our favorite company man, reminding everyone how the office has changed since the 1960s and prompting us to think about what the office should be like in 2014.

Throughout the year, we have added our own voice to the mix, offering our take on the role of the office, and reflecting on how the national trends and concepts in workplace design apply to our own projects here in Vermont.

To sum up the year, here is a recap of our top 5 blog posts on Innovation at Work:

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NOT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS:   Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer famously called for an end to telecommunting earlier this year, rallying her troops back to the office.  In this blog post, we address the work-from-home debate by offering tips for a better workplace: one that supports the needs of today’s workers so they are eager to return to the office and able to get their job done.

FINANCIAL SERVICES FIRM AWARDED LEED SILVER:   While the merits of LEED were the subject of debate in 2013, Vermont projects continued to innovate under this green building rating system.  This financial services firm on Battery Street in Burlington was awarded LEED Silver under the LEED for Commercial Interiors category.

SPACE FOR INTROVERTS AND EXTROVERTS:   One of the biggest trends to emerge in 2013 was the recognition that more spaces are needed for quiet, concentrated work in the open plan.  This was evident by the myriad of furnishings for individual privacy offered at this year’s NeoCon trade show.  And it was brought to everyone’s attention in Susan Cain’s bestselling book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.

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COMMUNICATING YOUR BRAND WITH YOUR INTERIOR:   Every workplace tells a story, and for many of our Vermont clients, that story is intricately connected to their brand and their company values.   This article gives the How and Why of supporting your brand with your physical space.

THE RISE OF COWORKING:  We wrapped up the year with a look at one of the fastest growing trends that is reshaping the workplace landscape: coworking.  This overview of the coworking movement includes a preview of the new Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network’s Innovation Center slated to open soon.

2013 was a pivotal year in workplace design, and it is clear that more changes are ahead.  While these issues were being tossed around on the national stage, positive developments were happening at a quicker pace here in Burlington.  It was – and continues to be – an exciting time to be a part of the business landscape in Vermont.

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support and interest in our work!  Next year looks to be just as exciting, so stay tuned. 

Happy New Year everyone!

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