The Top Blog Posts of 2012

by TruexCullins, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year, everyone.  At this time of year, we see a lot of year-end top-ten lists, looking back to the best and brightest of the 12 months that just passed.  So we figured, why not us?  Thanks to the magic of Google Analytics, we’ve compiled the top ten most popular blog posts that we wrote in 2012.  These are the articles from 2012 that received the most hits from January 1st to December 31st:

1.  Respecting Victorian Design.  In 2012, our Interiors Studio designed the new guestrooms of the 1885 Victorian Mansion of the Casa Madrona Hotel in Sausalito California. This was the inspiration for this article on the history of the Victorian era, and how it is still relevant to our world today.  Some of you must agree, as this was our most-read blog post of the year.

2.  Home is Where the Hearth Is.  If a home has a soul, the fireplace is where it may come alive.  In this blog post, we shared some of our favorite fireplace designs from our residential projects.  (Part II, which covered our commercial work, also made it to the list, in 6th place.)

3.  The Architecture of Happiness. Alain de Button wrote this book on architectural style and beauty.  Here we offer a brief overview of this fascinating look at why and how our built environment influences us the way it does.

The next two most popular posts related to our work on Hotel Vermont, the 125-room hotel now
under construction on Cherry Street in Burlington.   Our Interior Design Studio is working with Smith Buckley Architects on this LEED-certified building.

4.   Hotel Vermont Under Construction.  In April 2012, construction had resumed and the building began to form on the previously laid foundations.

5.   Hotel Vermont Ice Bar.  The Hotel celebrated with this outdoor ice bar during the Burlington Winter Festival in 2012.

Sixth place is actually a tie: 

6.   Working Fireplaces is the second part of our overview of our favorite fireplace designs.  These are located in some of our workplace, educational and resort projects.

6.   Our Top Five iPhone Apps for Architects.  You may find some of these useful.

8.  Digital Crayon Article 3: Growth and Capacity.  This is one from a series of articles written by David Epstein on various issues related to the planning and design of schools today.  David is one of the principals of TruexCullins and heads up the K-12 education studio for the firm.

9.  Stowe Home Featured in Vermont Magazine.  This small, energy-efficient home was featured in Vermont Magazine in the March/April 2012 issue.

10.  And the last blog post to make it to the top-ten list of most popular for 2012 was another article from the Digital Crayon series.  Digital Crayon Article 5:  21st Century Learning.

Keep reading in 2013, for there’s plenty more to come!


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