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Architecture for the Birds and King Street Center

TruexCullins Architecture and Interior Design hosted our annual holiday party. This year’s soiree was a unique fundraiser for King Street Center. We raised over $4,200 by auctioning off bird houses created by the staff. 

The avian homes will be on exhibit in our office at 209 Battery Street in Burlington until December 18, 2012. You may visit our office Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm or just enjoy the show in this online gallery.
Photos by the very talented Lindsay Raymondjack.


“Pillow Palace” by
Architect and Interior Designer
Marjorie Dickstein

“Out on a Limb”
Intern Architect
Andrew Chardain

Edgar Fandrich
Father of TruexCullins’ 
Intern Architect and IT Director
Karl Frandrich

“Triple Tweet”
by Marketing Coordinator
Carmen George
(Not a licensed architect)

by Intern Architect
Josh Chafe
(Made of cement and wood)

“Color Cabins”
Intern Architect and IT Director
by Karl Fandrich

“The Grand Feather Resort Hotel and Spa”
by Principal of the Interiors Studio
Interior Designer, Kim Deetjen

“Bird Bunker”
by Interior Designer,
Rebekah Bose

“Ode to Paris”
by Architect and Lead Principal of the K-12 Education Studio
David Epstein

“Bird Home” 
by Children at King Street Center

“Quality Lodge for the Migrating Bird”
by Cliff Deetjen, husband of 
Interior Designer and Principal Kim Deetjen

“Twin Beaks”
by Architect and Associate,
Matt Bushey


“The Rustic Robin” by Architect and Lead Principal of the Homes Studio, Lee Grutchfeild

“Salvaged Secret Hideout”
by former employee
and author of Salvage Secrets
Joanne Palmisano

“Tree House” 
by Interior Designer,
Kristen Trottier

by Interior Designer,
Emily Gold

“Bird Chapel”
by Architect and Principal specializing
in Homes and Resort
Rolf Kielman

“Tunnel of Dove”
by Architect
Daniel Goltzmann

“Chick Magnet”
Managing Principal,
Director of Operations
Robert “Sparky” Millikin

“Avian Duplex”
by Architect and Principal of 
the Higher Education Studio and
Workplace Studio
Richard Deane

“Home is Where the Beak is”
by Project Manager and Associate,
Keith Nelson

“A Bird Abode”
Son of Interior Designer,
Rebecca Bose

“Tweet Retreat”
Friend of the firm and King Street Center,
Dean Percival

Friend King Street Center and volunteer at ReSource and
Environmental Sculpture, Brian Goblik.

“The Bird Bus”
by Interior Design Purchaser,
Pam Picker

Architecture for the Birds
Photos from the 2012 party

TruexCullins’ Marketing Coordinator, Carmen George, King Street Development team; Kelli Shonter and Susannah Kerest

Managing Principal, Sparky Millikin with guests at the client party.


Guest with Principal David Epstein learning more about his Paris inspired bird residence.




Principal Richard Deane getting serious about bird digs.

Guest, Chapin Spencer, Executive Director of Local Motion contemplating his bid.






Chair of King Street Center, Board of Directors, Clarence Davis (second from the left) and the KSC development team letting the ideas fly with TruexCullins Dan Goltzman. (far right) 

TruexCullins Principal
Lee Grunchfeild and King Street Center 

Executive Director, Vicky Smith taking about the future of this wonderful nonprofit.

Principal of the Interior Design Studio, 
Kim Deetjen discussing bird houses flights of fancy with jewelry Designer and wife of Richard Deane, Ina Deane. 

A good time was had by all! And we raised money for a wonderful organization.

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