A Parade on Church Street

by TruexCullins, August 23, 2012

Now that you’ve watched the videos documenting the birth of the Church Street Marketplace, it’s time to celebrate it!
On Wednesday August 29th at 2pm, the marketplace will be the location of an event to celebrate its 30th anniversary and to dedicate the 124 foot long Trompe L’oeil mural “Everyone Loves a Parade!”


The mural has been going up on the side of the Banana Republic building, along the alley that connects the Mall block to the Marketplace Parking Garage.The mural is a hyper-realistic drawing with a colorful cast of characters from Vermont past and present, including Grace Potter, Peter Clavelle, Miro Weinberger… and Bill Truex, the Vermont architect behind the creation of the Church Street marketplace.

You can read more about the 30th anniversary celebration from the press release on the Church Street Marketplace website, and in this article from Seven Days.


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