Interior Design for the Undead

by TruexCullins, October 24, 2011

This Halloween, we have reason to be a little more frightened than normal.  You see, TruexCullins Interiors has been tasked with renovating a haunted mansion. 

The property that is the focus of our attention is a hotel that features a Victorian mansion dating to 1885.  So as not to scare the tourists (and to keep the search engines away), we won’t mention the specific name of this hotel, but if you follow our work, you can probably figure it out.

As legend has it, a young girl who lived in the house during the 1800s died unexpectedly from an illness.  Her spirit now resides in room 317.  The former owners of the hotel brought in professional ghost hunters and confirmed the presence of supernatural spirits.  (They then proceeded to offer a “spooky package” to their guests, complete with Ouija Board.)
When we were there, old photos of the original residents still hung on the walls, showing the family before the tragic accident.  If you’re a believer, don’t fret: there are plenty of other beautiful, non-haunted rooms of the hotel that you can book for your next stay.


The former owner of the property produced the following video that tells the story of the haunted hotel room.  His account of the ghost starts at 1:38.

The program for the renovated mansion is still being worked out, but regardless of what the exact function turns out to be, you can be sure it will be a magnificently unique space, a crown jewel for the hotel with so much history and meaning.And we will be sure to specify a full spirit abatement program with the renovation work.

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