4 Currier Place grabs LEED Silver

by TruexCullins, September 13, 2011

Another TruexCullins project has achieved LEED status!  This time, it is 4 Currier Place, a 35,000 square foot mixed-use commercial building in Hanover, New Hampshire.  This project, built for Dartmouth College Real Estate, has achieved LEED Silver certification for Core & Shell construction by the USGBC.

4 Currier Place is a three-story core & shell development that was built as the first phase of the Sargent Block redevelopment masterplan in downtown Hanover. Sustainable design goals were established early in the design process so that sensible and cost effective green strategies could be employed. The project is now a model for resource efficient, high performance commercial buildings in the region.
From the very beginning of the project, green goals were identified by the owner as a priority for this commercial development.  LEED certification was pursued because this rating system provides a comprehensive checklist for green objectives as well as third party verification that the design is being implemented correctly.

 4 Currier Place achieves a high level of energy efficiency through a number of methods:

    • The building features a high-performance exterior envelope to minimize heat transfer and therefore reduce electrical and fuel demand.


  • Daylighting and views are maximized while sun control devices are used to control solar gain and glare. Light fixtures are dimmable in response to daylight conditions, and occupancy sensors are used that turn off the lights when the spaces are not in use.



  • Innovative mechanical systems are used to minimize energy consumption, including heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.



  • Water conservation strategies are employed throughout the building and the surrounding site. Plumbing fixtures are highly efficient to conserve water, and the landscaping incorporates native species that require little or no irrigation.



Other aspects of the design also contributed to its LEED Silver certification:
    • The project provides for the health and comfort of its occupants through the use of non-toxic materials and finishes, excellent ventilation, appropriate daylighting and views, and proper acoustical separation of spaces. Indoor climate control provides a comfortable working environment in all seasons, although extreme cooling in summer is not required.


  • The project utilizes resource-efficient materials. Not only were durable materials employed, but also materials that require minimal energy to produce and maintain. Many materials were produced locally or regionally, and many have a high-recycled content.



  • And what may be the simplest but most important green aspect of 4 Currier Place:  the project is attractive and durable so that it will be around for many generations to come. A well-designed building is a good neighbor to the existing buildings around it and makes a positive contribution to the downtown fabric of Hanover, New Hampshire.




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