Meet the Summer 2011 Interns

by TruexCullins, July 5, 2011

We are pleased to welcome two new interns who will be working with us over the summer.  Julia is assisting with the interior design studio, and Charlotte is working on some of our architectural projects.  We asked them to say a few words to introduce themselves, so here they are:
Julia Sturgess
Hello, my name is Julia! I am currently working towards a BFA in Interior Design at Syracuse University. I recently completed the spring semester of my junior year, which I spent studying abroad in London, England. Growing up I was a dedicated ballet dancer, training with the Vermont Ballet Theater School and was a member of their company. As a native Vermonter, I am home for the summer and eager for my internship with TruexCullins. I will be working on a variety of projects for the firm, which I hope will help me to better understand how the business operates. I expect that working for TruexCullins will be a great learning experience that will give me valuable exposure to the design field.
Charlotte Firestone
Hello! I am a third year architecture student at Cornell University. Originally from Bangor, Maine, I am spending the summer in Burlington and interning for TruexCullins. I practice many sports including, figure skating, running and swimming. My other passions include woodworking, metal working and photography. I am a technical assistant for the wood and metal shops at Cornell. So far, I have worked on a variety of projects with TruexCullins, including a glass connector between two houses, a bathroom renovation and a school renovation. I am very excited to join TruexCullins and already have a better understanding of what it takes to make a project happen.

Welcome, Julia and Charlotte!  We’re happy to have you with us!

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