Samoset Construction Update

by TruexCullins, May 27, 2011

The construction at the Samoset Resort is nearing completion and we are anxiously awaiting the grand opening of the new lobby, restaurant, and spa. The Samoset is a 230-acre waterfront resort at the edge of Penobscot Bay on the Maine coast. Truexcullins has designed the interior renovations and exterior additions that will strengthen the connection to the ocean, update and expand the dining and lounge facilities, and introduce new guest amenities. Kim and Keith flew out to the project site recently to check in on the progress. Here are some renderings that show a taste of what’s to come:
Bar & Lounge:
A new open stair leads down to the Restaurant and Bar from the hotel lobby above, inviting guests to experience the vibrant activity as soon as they step into the building. The sound of the ocean combines with the pleasant aroma of the restaurant for an engaging sensory experience, all driven by the food as the main ingredient. There are a variety of lounge and sitting areas, including fireside seating, a communal table, and club chairs overlooking the ocean. The exposed wood structure defines the space and frames a series of views.
When the renovations are complete, The Samoset will debut a brand-new Italian restaurant called La Bella Vita Restaurant. La Bella Vita will feature an authentic antipasto Bar, a wood-fired oven and marketplace for Italian specialty foods. Interior finishes and materials reflect those commonly found in domestic Italian kitchens, such as marble, wood, and iron. Changes have also been made to the space to allow for a more direct view from the dining area to the ocean beyond.
The project includes the addition of a full-service seaside spa, a first for the Samoset. This view shows the glass entry and retail space, where guests are greeted by a spa receptionist and invited into one of the five private treatment rooms. A private lounge and patio for spa guests overlooks the golf course and ocean. Materials and furnishings are used that reflect the Maine seaside aesthetic, and the whole spa experience is a celebration of the serenity of the surrounding coastal landscape.
To read more about the ongoing improvements to the property, check out the project overview on the Samoset Resort website, or read this Renovation Update, posted last month, to the Samoset News & Events Blog.

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