by Matt Bushey, March 10, 2011

We don’t usually blog about tech gadgets on this site, but this is one device that may have broad appeal for architects and designers – if it turns out to be true.
The NoteSlate is a digital drawing tablet that records your notes and sketches on a 13-inch touch-sensitive e-ink display and saves your work to an SD-card for future reference.  Yes, we all love the iPad, but the appeal of the NoteSlate lies in its single-function and low cost.  NoteSlate bills itself as a low-tech device that mimics the simplicity of paper and pencil.
The developers of this one-bit black-and-white pixellated electronic sketchpad promise that they will be available as early as this June, at a price of just $99.
Over the past 2 weeks, word of this hypothetical device has lit up across the web, with a growing base of interested followers.  The NoteSlate facebook page currently has over 10,000 fans.  But many others claim the whole thing is a hoax.  Descriptions and photos appeared a few weeks ago on the NoteSlate website, but there was a notable absence of a working prototype, product video, or even a company address.  And it doesn’t help that the website is so full of spelling mistakes and grammatically incorrect copy that it is painful to read.  (An example: “Imagine world of freedom and creativity in everyday usual communication.”  “Obvious loved or hated pencil and paper is on NoteSlate in completely new context.”)
The creator of the NoteSlate is a 28 year old Czech product and furniture designer by the name of Martin Hasek.  The seemingly premature rollout of his product concept seems designed to stoke public interest, build enthusiasm and attract capital to allow the NoteSlate to go to production.  If he succeeds, you may see the NoteSlate on store shelves soon.  I would like to place my order now.

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