Heritage Flight Week, Day 4

by TruexCullins, February 17, 2011

A Vermont Landscape rendered in carpet
Today we look at how the interior furnishings, finishes, and lighting support the environmental mission of the Heritage Aviation facility, while creating a high-quality, contextual experience that is a welcoming respite for travelers stopping in Vermont.
The furniture in the lobby and elsewhere in the building is hand-crafted by Vermont artisans, with local wood and low-VOC finishes.  Custom detailed FSC-certified wood veneers and locally-quarried stone clads the walls for a look that is gorgeous and green.
As you walk through the building, you will notice a unique pattern underfoot.  The main circulation and function spaces are treated with a modular carpet tile by Tandus called Manufactured Landscapes.  These 24” x 24” earth-toned tiles are arranged with a conscious randomness, so that the lines and textures form an abstract representation of an agricultural landscape, as it would appear when viewed from a passenger’s window of a chartered jet flying above.  The modular tile is also an “Environmentally Preferable Product”, with a third-party certified platinum rating.  The carpet and backing contains 48% recycled content, 10% post-consumer.
The interior lighting and mechanical systems are designed to save energy, while providing individual comfort and control.  In fact, those two things go hand in hand.  Individual lighting controls are provided at all workstations, conference rooms and staff rooms with dimmable circuits and daylighting controls that can be overridden locally.  Individual thermostat controls are provided at workstations, as well as at all conference rooms and staff rooms.  We find that providing this level of lighting and thermal comfort control by individual occupants promotes productivity, comfort and well-being.

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