Casa Madrona, Phase 1

by TruexCullins, January 19, 2011

We just received these photos of our work at the Casa Madrona Resort in Sausalito, California.
This is phase one of the renovation, which  was recently completed and included a complete overhaul of the street-level lobby.  A towering bookcase, stone fireplace, and deep blue wing chairs now invite you in from the street and orient you to a truly unique guestroom experience that lies ahead:  the accommodations include three floors of contemporary guestrooms directly abutting Bridgeway Boulevard; an 1885 Victorian Mansion listed on the National Register of Historic Places; and 22 cottage rooms and suites that cascade down the picturesque hillside.  The challenge for the lobby was to craft a space that was appropriate to all three of these differing aesthetic languages.  Neither strictly modern nor traditional, the solution lies in the integration of key historic elements into a singular language of modern sensibilities.
The cottage rooms are currently under construction, and the Mansion suites will follow after that.  We’re also working with the Terra Resort Group to renovate their full-service spa.  Here are the shots of the completed lobby:  Click to enlarge.
A fortuny pendant hangs in the main lobby:


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