Villa Verde Vermont

by TruexCullins, January 12, 2011

Building a house can be a deeply personal and consuming project.  It can be exhausting, it can seem neverending, but it can also be one of the most rewarding endeavors you ever take on.
Many of us have tackled renovations of varying degrees of scope, from a single room to a whole-building gut reno.  But building your own house from the ground up opens up whole new opportunities.  It’s a chance to fulfill dreams and change lives.  It’s an opportunity that usually comes along just once in a lifetime.
Some who embark on this challenge choose to share the adventure by recording each step of the process online.  You can find a few very good blogs by (future) Vermont homeowners who are documenting their construction adventures and posting photos of their home as it slowly takes shape.  If you’re thinking of making your own dreamhouse someday, these blogs are a good source of ideas, advice and inspiration.
Tina and Michael are two of our clients who are currently building their own home about 20 minutes outside of Burlington.  They’ve been recording the process since January 2010 on their blog: Villa Verde Vermont.  The modern home is designed by Rolf Kielman, with landscape design by Keith Wagner.  Currently, the house has been framed and the exterior siding is going up.

You can follow the progress as the house gets closer to completion with each passing day.  As they put it: A modern/minimal design, we’re including as many “green” and energy-efficient elements as our budget will allow.

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