Innovation, efficiency spark lighting show in Burlington

by TruexCullins, March 8, 2010

By Joel Banner Baird, Free Press Staff Writer
From The Burlington Free Press, Friday, March 5, 2010
Efficiency can be beautiful — and there are reasons.
Brighter (per watt) and lighter-weight fixtures have accelerated innovative design, said Matt Bushey, an interiors architect with TruexCullins.
A new exhibit from the firm, co-curated with Conant Metal and Light, opened Thursday in Burlington, and is open for self-guided tours in the TruexCullins lobby through May.
An engaging science-fair atmosphere shares space with museum pieces.  Among the former: hands-on, A-versus-B comparisons between lamps with:

• Various color rendering (important when illuminating food).
• Color temperature (associated with the “warmth” of what is illuminated).
• Lumens (sheer output).
• And the more widely touted energy efficiency.
All of these, the posters proclaim, can be quantified.
If reason doesn’t sway the visitor to the “Shape of Light” exhibit, he or she can just walk in and bask at the sheer variety.
Photo: Steve Conant holds an LED light and its antique glass insulator housing Thursday at an exhibition of innovative lighting at TruexCullins on Battery Street in Burlington. Joel Banner Baird. 

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