Vermont Foodbank’s Kingsbury Farm – Part II

by David Epstein, October 7, 2009

As mentioned in the last post, Phase I of the Kingsbury Farm project is the renovation of the garage into the center of agricultural operations. Due to a generous grant from Jane’s Trust, that work is underway and should be complete this October.  The next phase includes the renovation of the house into office space, reception area and farm residence. Guided by the master plan, Yestermorrow is assisting the Vermont Foodbank, using the smaller scale house renovation needs for their design-build class projects.
The final phase involves the transformation of the historic gambrel barn into a community education center. The center will include an exhibit space, gathering space and community kitchen, all open to the exposed structure of the barn.  The focus of the center will be on education about hunger, food and agricultural issues.  The Foodbank envisions the barn project as a community resource, planned and funded with the strong coalition of community groups that initially joined forces to save the farm.
The priority now is to make the farm operational and to produce food for needy Vermonters.  The education center is a longer term project, the success of  which will depend on the support of local community organizations, foundations and generous Vermonters. 



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