Hotel Jackson

Jackson Hole, WY

As the newest luxury hotel in the town of Jackson in 15 years, Hotel Jackson sets itself apart with a modern take on the western motif.

Elements of western history are incorporated into the materials throughout the hotel, including reclaimed barnwood, patinated metal, leather and stone. The materials pay homage to the branding iron and other early tools of the ranchers and trappers of the area.

A two-story fireplace warms the lobby, and light floods in through tall windows facing the street. Figs, the in-house restaurant, features a playful floating aspen leaf ceiling, and Native American design-inspired carpets guide guests to their rooms.

Hotel Jackson is the first LEED-Certified hotel in Jackson. The interiors are light-filled, natural and healthy, providing a luxurious complement to an outdoor adventure.

TruexCullins Interiors collaborated with FFKR Architects on this project.

Photography: Ryan Sheets
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