Rolf Kielman

Rolf Kielman, AIA, LEED AP




Home and Resort


Master of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Art, Dartmouth College
Diploma in Furniture Design, Skolen for Brugkunst, Denmark


Fleming Museum, Board of Advisors
Howard Center, Board of Directors
Howard Center Curling Challenge, Founder and Committee Chair
Hinesburg Village Steering Committee, Board of Directors
Committee on Temporary Shelter (COTS), Board Member


Lake Edge Residence
Modern Farmhouse
Debevoise Hall, Vermont Law School
Lake Placid Lodge
Ben & Jerry’s Homemade
Church Street Marketplace



Rolf Kielman, AIA, LEED AP


My mother and father were both craft people. As a weaver and silversmith, they spent their lives crafting items of beauty and utility. My interest in art and architecture came through sculpture and this has spurred a sustained involvement in the craft of building design. Architecture is a child-like activity…creative, spontaneous but requiring great care and method.

I was born in Holland, immigrated to Canada as a youth, and with the exception of work and study abroad, have spent my adult life in Vermont. While studying in Holland and Scandinavia, I developed an interest in sustainable design and I learned how to express a people’s culture through design. New England has similar architectural traditions….build what is needed, let the craft of building be expressed, include a dose of understated whimsy.

I enjoy collaborating with groups of people and believe it is essential to the making of good buildings. Architecture is a fun-filled journey infused with delicious surprises. The excitement of realizing a beautiful and resource efficient building is an infectious pleasure for all.

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